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Electric Signs

Channel Letter Signs –

One popular and effective ways of advertising a business, channel letter electric signs are the individual lettering, laminated words, letters, logos, and graphics that often appear on storefronts and on building walls to provide identification.may24 005

Create high-visibility appeal by choosing custom lettering and lighting choices that incorporate your business logo and eye-catching designs that provide a permanent feel at a first glance to passers by..

Box Signs –

Light Boxes are electrical signs constructed of heavy gauge aluminum, plastic faces and internal lightingohiovalley components. These signs can be designed in numerous shapes and sizes to fit your particular needs.  The plastic sign face, which is actually lexan, prominently displays your graphics both day and night.

Pylon signs are essentially just extruded cabinet signs  or light box placed atop a large pole and are most commonly found along the roadway. Marquee signs and rivercity 306LED panels are often incorporated onto the pole beneath the larger cabinet to provide the business with an affordable, lighted and interchangeable message.